Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Boudoir Photographer

boudoir pictureMore and more women today are trying out the newest photography trend – boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is a form of photography wherein a woman gets photographed wearing sexy or revealing outfits. The main concept of this shoot is to display the sexy, intimate side of the female subject and the photos produced are usually given as a given to the subject’s groom or partner.

There are other women though who want to try and experience this kind of shoot, not because they plan to give the pictures as a gift to someone, but because they want to feel good about themselves. You do not have to be slim or sexy for this shoot, you only need to accept who you are and make use of your best asset.

If you are interested in trying a boudoir photo shoot, then you will have to hire the right boudoir photographer. Remember that you will be scantily clad in this shoot and so make sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer who is taking pictures.

Here are some things to consider when looking for boudoir photographer to hire.

  1. Get recommendations

Ask recommendations from friends who underwent a boudoir shoot before or from professional photographers of SMH Photography. You can also look for boudoir photographer within your area or city and pay them a visit. If you still can’t find any, then go online and check out forums and photographer’s websites like . You can check out feedback from past clients so you will have an idea on how professional or unprofessional the photographer is.

  1. Choose who makes you comfortable

It’s a matter of choice between a male or female photographer. A male photographer can help you plan on what to wear and how to pose from a male’s point of view. He knows what men like to see in pictures. A female photographer, on the other hand, can also help you with the clothes and the poses. The main difference, though, is whether you are comfortable wearing sexy attires in front of a male photographer. It’s all up to you.

  1. Check work portfolios

After choosing between a male and a female, you should now look into the skills and experience of the photographer. Have a look at their work portfolio to know how skilled they are. Do not expect though to see plenty of samples since most boudoir pictures are private and exclusive to the client.

  1. Request for a sample contract

A sample contract between the photographer and client can give you an idea on how secured you are and how exclusive your private photos will be. Once you have decided on who to hire, make sure there is a written agreement that you and the photographer will sign. Read the contract carefully and request to amend points when necessary.

  1. Ask questions

Ask important questions related to the boudoir shoot. Some questions that are important to ask are the following:

  1. Where will we shoot?
  2. What should I wear?
  3. Do you have outfits and props I can borrow?
  4. What do I need to bring?
  5. Who will be inside the room during the shoot?
  6. How many days will it take for you to finish post production?

Never hesitate to ask questions because a credible photographer will be willing to answer all your queries and that gives you an assurance that everything will run smoothly.

Documentary Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Documentary wedding photography has become the most popular form of wedding photography in recent years, thanks to its approach in capturing candid and authentic moments that make a memorable event like a wedding even more memorable. Such popularity has made it become a preferred style nowadays among many wedding photographers.

If you’re looking into going into the documentary wedding photography style, it is important you get to be acquainted with the proper approach and methods in doing this type of photography. Luckily, we have compiled for you some tips on how to get started.

  1. Get to know more about the bride and groom


This may sound like a no-brainer, but some wedding photographers are guilty of leaving out this important tip. As a documentary wedding photographer, it is your job foremost to get to know more about the couple, not just on a level of photographer and subject but as someone who knows at least a few details, knowing their interests and at least a bit of their personalities. This will help you become more knowledgeable as to the moments you should not miss capturing the event.

  1. Be as less intrusive as possible

As a documentary wedding photographer, you are given access to what goes throughout the wedding day, capturing candid moments as they happen. However, you should also remember to keep distance and not be much of an intrusion to the people at the wedding, and especially to the bride and groom. Allow them some space for them to enjoy this special day and you will get to capture more magical moments.


  1. Be able to anticipate moments


A good photographer is not just someone who is always ready for any moment but also someone who can anticipate certain moments ahead. You must learn to have a keen sense of knowing from the initial movements you’ve seen that a certain moment is about come any second. It is not much about being a clairvoyant but having a great attention to detail and using it to your advantage to capture moments right on time.

  1. Be able to tell a story in pictures

Primarily, your job as a documentary wedding photographer is to be able to craft a good story about the couple’s wedding. Thus, every photo you shoot should serve a greater purpose which is to tell part of that greater story. As such, strive to be direct to the point in telling the story, with less of the fillers as much as possible. Also, always be focused on the story at hand and not to be sidetracked along the way, forgetting the purpose why you are there in the first place.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try something new

As documentary wedding photography provides much freedom for you to work on as a photographer, you don’t have to worry much about formal setups. Be bold in trying different angles and compositions in the photos that you shoot to create a better output. Of course it helps to look at other examples you can find that would serve as your inspiration. But ultimately, you should remember to make your own style and brand for you to stand out from the rest.

  1. You don’t have to capture every moment

One mistake some documentary wedding photographers commit is that they tend to shoot just about every moment of the wedding, which not only drains battery life on your camera but also can be tiresome on your part. You don’t need to photograph the minute details unless they help tell the story you wish to convey. A good photographer like Alicia Dunlop Photography should have a good sense of judgment as to what is worthy to be photographed vs. what is not.

  1. Never stop learning and improving yourself as well as your gear

Being a good photographer involves constant learning and improvement. You should take time and effort to learn new things especially now that so much is going on in the realm of photography. You should also set aside investing for the equipment you will use as a wedding photographer especially now that technology is constantly moving forward and you will need to have the best and latest gear should the situation call for it.

Take these tips to heart and you are well on your way to becoming a better documentary wedding photographer.

What You Need to Bring for Your Boudoir Pictorial

boudoir photographyWhenever we are scheduled to undergo a photo shoot, we feel the need to prepare and get dressed up. Some of us even bring special items or props in order for the photographer to capture the real essence of the shoot. Photo shoots vary depending on purpose. There are per-nuptial photo shoots, birthday pictorials, family portrait shoots, commercial photo shoots and many others.

A Unique Kind of Photo Shoot

A more unique and somehow new form of photo shoot is a boudoir photo shoot. For those who are unfamiliar with this, a boudoir photography session is a form of photography wherein a woman poses in front of the camera wearing sexy outfits. The session is usually done inside the woman’s bedroom or in a studio transformed to appear like a bedroom.

Why Undergo a Boudoir Shoot

The mutual purpose why women do this is to gain confidence in themselves. They want to look good like magazine cover models and offer their pictures to their loved ones. More often than not, boudoir pictures are given as a gift by a woman to her groom after the wedding. Our Los Angeles wedding photographer has quite many clients who undergo a boudoir shoot.

There are some ladies though who just undergo a boudoir shoot so she can keep the pictures and these will help her remember in the future on how she looked like before.

If you are interested to undergo a boudoir photo session, here are some things that you must bring for the shoot.

  1. Lingerie or lacy outfit

Bring a piece or two of your favorite lingerie for the session. Solid colors like red, white and black will make you look more stunning in the pictures.

  1. Matching bra and underwear

No doubt that a pair of bra and undies is a must have for a boudoir shoot. This is of course if you are comfortable wearing one in front of the camera. There boudoir photographer will never pressure you to wear something you are not comfortable with.

  1. High Heels or stilettos

High heels or stilettos can make you appear more sensual and striking. Wearing a pair of heels while donning black lingerie can definitely bring out your sexy side.

  1. Makeup

You can hire a makeup artist to fix your hair and makeup or you can do it yourself if you are confident you can work it out. Some photo studios include this service to the boudoir packages they are offering so you will have to ask or check with them.

  1. Accessories

Hat, jewelries, robes, fedoras, big earrings and bracelet that match your sexy outfit are great items to bring. Some photographers have accessories that they lend to clients while others just give suggestions on what their clients should bring. Talk it over with your chosen boudoir photographer.

  1. Stockings

Stockings are also a favorite in a boudoir photo shoot. It will make legs look slimmer and longer. The design of your stockings also matter a lot so find one that is more irresistible-looking.

  1. Tank top or sheer top

A tank top or sheer top can be a great alternative if you are not at ease in wearing bra and panties in front of the camera. You can bring red or black sheer tops and have the photographer help you with the poses that can emphasize you body’s assets.

Make sure to hire a professional boudoir that is credible, skilled, honest and easy to work with. If you feel uneasy, then look for another photographer. The boudoir photo shoot won’t be a success if the photographer makes you feel tense.


Using Flash in Wedding Photography

The usage of flash in photography has always been a sticky subject among wedding photographers and even non-photographers as well. In fact, there are actually some photographers who despise the idea of using flash or even light modifiers as they feel either they are “unnatural” or just not comfortable using it.

However, there will be instances when flash is necessary to use in certain situations. We shall further look at those situations here in this piece as to what would warrant them for the use of flash.

At Wedding Venues and Reception Areas

Wedding ballrooms, churches and reception areas are prone to have less than ideal light for photographers to take advantage of. Thus, the flash helps create a primary source of light that is brighter and more pleasant than the dim ambient light. It has to be noted though that in a number of cases, churches do not allow using flash during ceremonies, so you have to discuss using artificial light with the church personnel before the ceremony.


To help diffuse the harshness of the flash, if there are white ceilings in the area that are not too high, you can mount flash on your DSLR and bounce light off the ceiling or nearby white walls. Alternately, you can use what is called a bounce card which (with the flash) will enable your image to have a much better light source than direct flash.

Photographing Details Indoors

For wedding photographers, like a wedding photographer cardiff, part of the job is to photograph well the details that highlight the theme of the wedding or other interesting details. Sometimes, the light in the venue would suffice, sometimes they would not. If it is the latter case and you wish to save some time photographing details faster, a flash on top of your camera bouncing off a white card might suffice.

When subject is poorly lit outdoors

Most photographers do not bother with flash outdoors, with natural light readily available. Unfortunately, that light is not always available, especially once the sunset arrives. Much like photographing indoors, you may need to use artificial light source, such as flash.

Fill Flash – when shooting backlit

Shooting subjects in a backlit setup can create a nice separation and bring more depth to images. But if the subject is heavily backlit (say with the sun behind), the opposite side of the subject which is facing the camera might get underexposed. Fill flash can help in this situation; single diffused light positioned away from the camera would do the job.

Overpowering the sun to avoid hot spots and intense shadow

wedding photography

While the sunlight can be a good friend for outdoor photography, there are times, usually in the afternoon, when the light can be too harsh on the photo as the sun is directly overhead. Setting up an umbrella or a softbox with the flash helps get around that problem and you get beautiful photos as a result.

Avoiding environmental color casts on your subject’s skin tone

Sometimes when working with natural reflectors, you get to run into a problem where your subject will assume the color of the reflective surface. You can reduce this effect by using a reflector right next to your subject or use fill flash (umbrella, softbox or other modifier) to illuminate your subject, which will more or less isolate him/her from the rest of the background and reduce color reflections.

Final words

Flash helps provide dimension in your photography, allowing you to solve or at least get around the problems you sometimes face in photography. Just remember to leave some room for creativity to get the best results as possible in your photos.

4 Reasons Boudoir Photography Is Worth Trying

boudoir shootPictures have always been considered as a good replacement for words. One picture alone can say a lot about what the subject is. It can give an impression to the viewers on what a person is like, how wonderful a place is or how fun the event was. Some of us are used to being photographed and we even intentionally schedule for a pictorial while others shy away from the camera.

The common photo sessions are newborn photo sessions, pre-nuptial pictorials and portrait photo sessions. There is a new type of photography though that is continuously gaining the interest of women. It is called Boudoir Photography.

Some of you might have heard of it or might have already tried it. If you are unfamiliar with Boudoir Photography, then read ahead to learn more about this interesting form of photography.

Boudoir Photography is basically a type of photography wherein a woman gets photographed inside her own bedroom or inside a posh hotel room. She wears sexy outfits that reveal her sexy side. This kind of session is common among by brides-to-be who plan to give the pictures to their loved one. Several women also undergo this photo session for various reasons.

If you are contemplating on giving boudoir a try but you are not so sure about it, then here are some reasons boudoir photography is worth trying.

  1. Unique gift for a loved one

The boudoir pictures that you place in an album can be a unique gift for your loved one. Not all people are capable of doing this kind of shoot. Your partner will surely appreciate your efforts and courage to be photographed just to be able to give such unique gift.

  1. Great modelling experience

A boudoir photo shoot can make you feel and look like a magazine cover model. Your size or body type won’t matter a lot because the professional boudoir photographer can make your asset stand out. He/she can help you perform poses that can bring out the sexiness in you but will never force you to do anything you are not comfortable with.

  1. Feel sexy

Even when you’re a bit on the heavy side, you will feel sexy and good about yourself in the boudoir shoot. The professional boudoir photographer you hired can bring out the best in you so you have nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Add more confidence

This unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience can boost one’s confidence. You will discover the real you and uncover your beauty from the inside. You are not only doing this to impress your partner but you are also doing it for yourself. Most women who underwent a boudoir photo shoot gained more confidence after it. They can surely attest to how life changing this boudoir shoot is.

Make sure to look for a boudoir photographer who really knows how to take the right shots. He/she must be someone you are comfortable with and is totally credible and honest to do business with.

What to Expect In Boudoir Photography

boudoir photographyBoudoir photography is one of the newest trends in photography that is continuously gaining the interest of more and more women. Those who want to try a boudoir shoot are mostly soon-to-be brides looking forward to giving a unique wedding gift for their would-be spouse. There are also women who give their boudoir photos to their partners or husbands as wedding gifts while some keep the pictures as a gift to themselves.

Now, if you are unsure of what boudoir photography really is then read on to learn what this type of photography is and what you can expect from it.

Boudoir photography is basically a type of photography where a woman is being photographed inside her own bedroom or in a hotel room. The subject usually wears little to almost nothing depending on what she is comfortable with. This form of photography is derived from the French word “boudoir” which means “lady’s private bedroom” and the basic concept is a pictorial inside a private room.

Why try Boudoir Photography?

There are different reasons or purposes for having a boudoir shoot. As mentioned earlier, these sensual but elegant images are usually given as a form of gift by the bride to their groom. Some do it for themselves so they can feel more confident about their body and overall physical look.

Is this for you?

If you are hesitant to give it a try for fear that you are not sexy enough, no need to worry too much because a boudoir photographer can help you out. You don’t have to be as sexy as magazine cover models to try boudoir shoot, you have to trust your boudoir photographer because a professional one knows how to show off your curves and emphasize on your assets.

How do you choose a Boudoir Photographer?

Some photographers offer boudoir photography services even with less to no knowledge or experience in it. You have to carefully choose one who is really adept in this form of photography. You can get recommendations from female friends or relatives who have already tried it or you can check online for good candidates.

How does it work?

Well, boudoir photo shoot usually takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the package availed as well as the number of outfit changes. You can bring your own makeup artist or hire the in-house makeup artist of the photo studio.

For outfits, you can bring several sexy lingerie or several sexy outfits. Include a pair of heels, some jewelries and accents. Some studios have outfits that their client can borrow so you will have to know ahead on whether your chosen photography service company offers this.

Are there necessary preparations?

Well, you can do away with lessening your food intake or working out days before the scheduled shoot if you think that will make you more confident about yourself. For the photo session, you can bring along a friend to make you feel more comfortable. You can also bring along a bottle of wine or champagne so you will feel more relaxed.

The most important thing when trying out this boudoir photography is to really hire a professional to do it. Do a background check of the photographer to ensure that he is fit for the job. Check out his work portfolio and ask all questions you have in mind. If you are comfortable with him/her, then he/she is a good choice. If not, find another one.

Tips on How to Look Good in Your Wedding Photos

wedding photographyMany of us love being photographed when we are ready for it and if we are the center of attraction in the picture. During special occasions like birthdays and weddings, we dress up to feel good and look great in pictures. Of course, if it is for our own wedding we double up our efforts so we can truly look awesome.

Weddings usually happen once in a person’s life thus it is important to prepare for this big day. You need to make sure that you really look great in the wedding photos. Well, to do this, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Think of yourself as a celebrity

Look at wedding pictures online and observe how other brides or grooms pose in front of the camera then try doing the poses. Visualize yourself wearing your wedding gown (for brides) and think of the best poses and angles that can make a huge impact on your wedding picture. Most of all, give your best smile.

  1. Let your eyes reflect your real emotions

In some portrait wedding shots, you can display a less smiling face but with expressive eyes. Let your eyes shine and smile at the viewers. This is the common trend among models and photographers. If you hired a professional wedding photographer, then for sure he/ she can assist you with this.

  1. Relax and breathe for a more natural smile

If you are too fidgety or nervous on your wedding, your smile will look fake and uneasy. The best way to show a natural smile is to relax, breathe and feel the moment. Release the tension by laughing or showing some humor. Of course if you have prepared well for the wedding then there’s nothing to worry about. You can relax and give a more natural smile. This is one of the best advice that our photographer friends from Wedding Photography Hampshire gave.

  1. For brides, choose the right makeup

Most brides are advised to avoid using colors orange and yellow because these colors look awful in printed photos. Some photographers like this berkshire wedding photographer also advise their clients to avoid glitters and something luminescent or sparkly on the face because it will appear like sweat in the pictures.

  1. Choose wedding gown that suits your body type

The gown that you wear can either make you look heavy or sexy hence it is important to that the style of your gown complement with your body type. If your arms are quite big, it will look bigger in pictures. You will have to talk to your designer and come up with a style that can hide your arms a bit or a gown that will give emphasis on your best physical asset.

  1. Exercise!

Nothing beats looking physically fit in your wedding photos. If you’re on the heavy side, find time to exercise and lose weight. You will feel good about yourself when you realize how physically attractive you are after losing weight. Aside from working out, you can also be watch your diet and eat healthy.

Follow these tips so you will definitely look good in your wedding photos. You will love keeping these wedding photos and showing it the next generation in the future.

6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

wedding videographerA wedding often happens once in a person’s life and this is one reason why most of us consider it as the biggest event of our lives. We want this very special day to be memorable and worth reminiscing in the coming years. One way to capture the special moment is by hiring a wedding photographer from Danish Apple Photography.

A wedding photographer can take brilliant images as the events unfold. Another way is to hire a wedding videographer to record the exact moments as they happen. A wedding video taken by a professional wedding videographer can certainly help you the happenings during the wedding from a different vantage point. This wedding video can also be kept for years and be played back whenever you want to.

And since there are a lot of videographers offering their services, it can be confusing who to choose. You can start by asking for referrals from friends, relatives and even from your wedding photographer and other wedding service providers. Once you have shortlisted 3 or 4, you can ask them wedding-related questions to determine which one is the best for the job.

  1. How long have you been shooting wedding videos?

A wedding videographer who has filmed several wedding videos over the last decade surely had gained knowledge and skills that helped him/her become a better videographer. By asking this question, you can determine his length of experience as well as his skills and knowledge in videography.

  1. What style do you use – cinematic or documentary?

The 2 common styles in wedding videography are cinematic or documentary. If you want a video where pics and footage are gathered in one video with music being added then that is cinematic. Documentary, on the other hand, refers to recording the actual moments in a wedding like for example footage of the couple’s exchange of vows. If the wedding videographer is skilled in both style, then much better so you can just tell him what style you want.

  1. What does the package include?

Different packages are being offered by videographers and to avoid confusion, it is best to request for a copy of each package. Examine each thoroughly and ask necessary questions. The package should include:

  • The number of videographers who will cover the event
  • The number of hours
  • The length of the video
  • The delivery date of the final video

If the videographer has a second shooter, then that would be better so key moments will surely be captured.

  1. Have you worked with our official photographer before?

A wedding videographer who already established a good working relationship with your photographer is a good choice for the job. The two can work hand in hand in making sure that everything will be recorded or captured.  Wedding professionals from cheshire wedding photography can help you find a wedding videographer.

  1. What parts will you record?

Ask the videographer on what parts of the wedding he will cover or usually covers. If he is open to your suggestions then that would be good. You can both decide on what wedding highlights should be in the video.

  1. How many days will it take you to deliver the final video?

Of course, the most awaited part is the delivery of the final video. It will surely take at least 6 weeks up to a year for the video to be finished. This usually depends on how busy the videographer is as well as fact that producing a video really takes time to finish. Request to see at least a trailer a few weeks after the wedding and the full video can come in later.

Through these questions, you can assess how skilled, knowledgeable and experienced a videographer is. With an experienced videographer, you can be assured of a brilliant, touching wedding video that is worth keeping and watching repeatedly.

How to Set up Your Own Home Portrait Studio

portrait photographyStarting your own home portrait studio is a good option if you want to receive clients in your own home. This is a big advantage especially if you want to avoid the hassle as well as the cost of going to your rented office space.

But then, are you sure that you want other people to enter your own home? How do you think your family will react? Is it ok with them? Well, there are many things you need to consider before finally deciding to set your own portrait studio right inside your own home. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Do I have a separate entrance where my clients can come in?

The entrance should be different from the main entrance where your family enters in going to your living room, dining and private areas.

  1. Does my family approve of this move to open our house to clients?

Show respect to family members by asking for their permission. Their support will surely boost your chances of having a successful photography business at home.

  1. Is the room spacious and well-lit?

The room must be well-lit and have enough space that you can divide in different small areas:

  1. Receiving area – for other clients to wait for their turn
  2. Shooting area – the actual space where the shoot will take place
  3. Dressing area – a small booth or secluded place for clients to change clothes or put on their props
  4. Storage – to keep your prized cameras and photography equipment safe and organized.

The ideal size of the room is around 25×30 feet and the ceiling must be at least 15 feet deep. To get ideas on what a portrait studio should look like, have a look at

Now, how do you start setting up your home photo studio? Here are some to help you out.

  1. Divide the room into different areas

If the space is not too wide, you can divide the space between the photo shoot area and the storage area. In the photo shoot area, you can add a curtain and two chairs beside to separate the clients in the shoot from those waiting for their turn. On the other hand, the storage area must have drawers or cabinets where you fit in your precious gear.

  1. Set up the photo shoot area near a big window.

Natural light entering from windows can give you bright and well-exposed images. Add drapes to minimize the sunlight if it is too harsh. If the light from the window is not enough, then you will have to use a flash or an external light source. You can bounce the light on the wall or use a reflector.

  1. Give your clients some privacy

Some clients feel uncomfortable if there are other people around looking at them during the shoot. Make sure that your kids or other family members cannot disturb you. You can either lock the room or add a wall to block their view of the photo session. It is also best if you can lessen or completely remove the noise coming from the outside so your clients don’t get distracted.

  1. Choose easy to carry equipment

Be practical and wise in buying your gear. Consider purchasing easy to bring cameras, lenses, tripod, backdrop and other important accessories. You never know when you might get a booking that will require you to carry a lot of important stuff. Portable equipment is also easier to store since it won’t take up too much space.

  1. Get insured

There are different types of insurance that are definitely important in a photography business. Some insurance take care of your clients while business insurance can help secure your business. Carl Glancey Photography certainly made sure that their clients and their business are insured.

Be smart in planning your business. You can also get advice from trusted friends or fellow photographers who also have their own home photo studio.

How Can I Find a Good Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographerPlanning a wedding is not easy. It cannot be likened to birthday celebration which you can plan in a matter of days only. With wedding, the planning should begin at least 6 months before your chosen wedding date.

There are many things you need to prepare and find as well as wedding service providers to look for. You need to look for the wedding ceremony as well as well as the wedding party reception if you want it in a separate location. You also need to find a florist, caterer, wedding graphics designer for your wedding invitations, and of course a wedding photographer.

A wedding is somehow incomplete if there’s no professional wedding photographer who will capture the precious moments in this very special day.  There’s no denying that we are excited to see our wedding photos right after the wedding. We expect to wedding album to tell a story of love, romance and happiness in a wedding.

Since there are many photographers who claim to be well experienced in wedding photography, it might be difficult for us to choose the right one to hire. We need to carefully investigate and spend time to look for a really good wedding photographer like wedding photographer cheshire. And of course, in finding one, it must be within our budget.

To help you find the right wedding photographer, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Ask friends for suggestions. One of them might have recently hired a good one. You should aim to find as good as wedding photographer essex.
  • Look within the area. It is best if you hire a local professional photographer so you don’t have to pay additional for his travel expenses.
  • Search for a wedding photographer online. Make sure to check those who have a website. View their photos particularly sample wedding pictures of a recent wedding he/she covered.
  • Shortlist around 4-5 wedding photographers.
  • Contact them via phone or email.
  • Set an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Prepare questions to ask before the appointments. Questions that you should ask include:
  • Are you available for this particular date?
  • How many photographers will cover my wedding?
  • Do you have backup gear?
  • How many days will post production take?
  • What will you and your assistant wear?
  • How many years have you been photographing?
  • How many printed and digital copies will you deliver?
  • During the appointment, assess the photographer’s personality. If you feel comfortable with them, then he is a good candidate.
  • Ask for sample wedding albums to know his photography style.

If possible, you and your partner should go together when meeting each potential photographer so both of you can come up with a mutual decision on which one to hire.

Once you have chosen one, you need to finalize the contract with the photographer. Everything should be clearly understood.

By planning early and choosing carefully, you can surely find a good wedding photographer.

Why Should You Choose a Beach Wedding?

beach wedding tipsWhen we think of a beach wedding, what usually comes into our minds are the relaxing ambiance of the beach, the cool breeze that touches our skin, the soft touch of the sand on our toes and the romantic atmosphere in this calm, cozy location. I’m sure some of you are planning to have your wedding by the beach. Just thinking about it makes you really excited! But then, have you ever thought of the possible issues you might encounter if you will choose a beach wedding?

Well, there are many factors that can affect the success of your wedding at the beach. If you really want to make it a success, then you need to know what are the pros and cons of having a beach wedding. Through this, you can prepare well on how to counter the cons.

Let’s begin with the advantages of having a beach wedding.

  1. A beach wedding costs less than a traditional wedding.

This is perhaps one of the reasons many couples opt for a beach wedding. A beach wedding is a practical way to celebrate your union since you can have simple decorations at the venue and yet the location will still look elegant and romantic.

You can also have both the ceremony and reception held in one place unlike in the traditional wedding wherein you need to move from one place to another for the ceremony then wedding party.

  1. Bride can wear a lightweight, comfortable dress

Both bride and groom can wear clothes that are comfortable, light yet elegant. The bride doesn’t have to wear a huge wedding gown, she can wear a dress that is less costly and can be worn more than once. Traditional wedding gowns are expensive and are worn only once thus it is not worth your money.

  1. Guests will feel more relaxed

The ambience of the beach can make your guests feel calm, relaxed and stress-free. The atmosphere is definitely better at the beach than in the busy, noisy city. Your guests will feel more relaxed also when they wear comfortable clothes like flowing dresses for women and semi-formal wear for men. Hampshire wedding photographer, Rowan, always notices that the guests are more relaxed at the beach whenever he covers a beach wedding.

  1. Plan wedding party activities that all guests can participate in

Beach wedding is not your traditional wedding or conventional setup wherein you follow a sequence of events. In a beach wedding, you can modify the setup or sequence of events especially during the wedding party.

You can consult your wedding coordinator on what activities can be fun for your guests to participate in during the party. It will surely be a good way to bond with them and for them to meet new people. You can also tell your wedding photographer surrey to make sure images of these activities are capture on camera.

  1. No need to change venues

You can have the wedding ceremony and after-wedding party right at the same place. No need for you and your guests to travel to the next venue after the wedding ceremony. You can both at the seaside.

A beach wedding is a romantic, practical and unconventional way for couples to get married. There are issues that you will encounter but if you plan and prepare ahead you can definitely have a successful beach wedding. Keep an eye on my next post about the cons of a beach wedding and how to conquer them.

The Pro and Cons of Taking a Bride to a Beach for her Bridal Portraits

wedding photographyMost weddings happen in churches and other indoor locations. Seldom do we find couples getting married on the beach. Some couples reason out that the beach looks boring and the wedding pictures might appear lifeless and dull. Other couples, the brides in particular, are afraid to look “messy” on the beach so they go for the safer option which is an indoor wedding.

Well, we cannot blame them. They might not be aware that there are plenty of creative ideas they can come up with for their beach wedding! Even beach wedding photographers got a lot of unique, awesome ideas up their sleeves. These professional wedding photographers know how to make the beach wedding pictures look more artistic, unique, romantic yet super cool.

The couple can have their photo op on the beach a day before the wedding or a few hours ahead of the ceremony. The bride can also have her bridal portraits taken on the beach before the wedding so she will certainly look fresh and gorgeous. Check out some bridal portraits by wedding photographer Bournemouth.

Well, if you are new to beach wedding photography, there are pros and cons when you take a bride to the beach for her bridal portraits. We have listed some of these below. Have a read.


  1. More unique images can be produced by finding interesting angles.
  2. Beach can be easily setup the way you want it to be. You can have the bride wear some beach accessories or you can add some cute props beside her.
  3. Bride will look totally fresh, calm and cool in her bridal portraits on the beach.
  4. Bride can walk or run barefooted.
  5. Bride looks young and carefree in the pics when she lets her hair down then the wind slowly blow it.
  6. Bride can dress comfortably and will look more relaxed in the pictures.
  7. Bride doesn’t need to apply thick makeup. Simple makeup is enough.


  1. If bride doesn’t like her hair down, then she might find herself looking “messy” when the wind blows.
  2. Sun’s rays can sometimes be too harsh and dangerous unless you do the pictorial when the sun is down.
  3. Too much natural light can create shadows on the bride’s face. Choose to shoot on a sunset or use light diffusers.
  4. If it suddenly rains, the bride will end up getting wet and “messy”. Be ready for whatever happens to avoid ruining your bride’s mood.

Weddings usually happen once in a person’s life. Be bold and creative in making the couple’s special day really memorable and worth reminiscing. Come up with new ideas on how you can create wonderful, unique images of the bride and groom. You can get more ideas from this incredible Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

For beach weddings, make sure you help the couple prepare a Plan A and B so in case it rains or if it’s too sunny the day won’t get ruined. With proper planning, you can have a successful wedding coverage that can satisfy your clients and their guests.